To be an attractive woman

What it means to be an attractive woman is to accept me the way I am, not to doll myself up. Because true beauty is always on the inside and only when I know who I am exactly, it can be shown to others with confidence.

  • My attractiveness as a woman is my values, which is the attitude of coping with my life.
  • I’m honest about my feelings. When having responsibilities for them, I’m more free.
  • I’m always smiley. That’s because I know when I feel happy, I could make people feel good.
  • I’m good at relating to others. It makes people comfortable.
  • When meeting someone first, I try to find their’s good points. Everyone has strengths and when I’ve found those, I’m able to respect them and I feel like the people around me are all good person.
  • I like sharing my feelings, thoughts and future in a deep way. I’m usually the one who gives some advice to my friends, but I just long for one person to lean on; who can relate to my feelings and dream of the future together.
  • I want to spend my life helping others in need. The fact I can be helpful to someone makes me fulfilled.
  • I’m living the most beautiful today. Focus on today, not the past or future.

I believe if I get to be a better person, the one I’ve been looking for would come to me.

So, today I study myself again.

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