My biggest characteristic

Everyone has pros and cons. BUT, if we highlight our strengths, we could be beautiful enough. By the way, I like a critical talk because when I know my weaknesses exactly, I’m able to make up for them and I could be a better person. So, I usually ask people “how was my first impression? what do you think I am like? what do you think my weak points are?” Actually, when I ask these kinds of questions, they tend to get embarrassed. but, I enjoy it.

Then, what are my characteristics? – friendly, easygoing, open-minded, positive, upbeat… But, my biggest strength is big smile. 🙂😊 Since I’d love to live sincerely and honestly, i try to keep my heart pure. Fake smile doesn’t mean anything. Sincerity only works.  Smile always make people happy and gives the luck. Remember that the luck doesn’t come by itself. If you’re a good person, it would be beside you. Don’t wait for coming to the luck to you. Just to be a decent person!

PS. I’d been smiled a lot, but I practiced smiling everyday in the mirror for about 2 years in order to find the best smile. “Your efforts will never betray you.”







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